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In Stock and Ready to Ship!

In Stock and Ready to SHIP!

 Windows 10 ready Thermal Analyzers

Mettler Toledo DSC 1; fan cooling option

Mettler Toledo DMA 1 with LN2 option

Mettler Toledo DSC/TGA 1

TA Instruments Q2000 DSC with RCS90 cooling unit

TA Instruments Q200 DSC

TA Instruments Q400 TMA

TA  instruments Q5000IR TGA

TA Instruments Q500

Perkin Elmer 8500 DSC

Perkin Elmer 8000 DMA

Hitachi STA 7200 TGA/DSC

Hitachi DSC 7000X

Seiko DMA 6100

Windows 10 ready Rheometers

Thermo Fisher Mars III Advanced Modular Rheometer

Thermo Fisher RS 6000 Rheometer

Thermo Fisher RS 600 Rheometer

TA Instruments AR G2

Ta instruments AR 2000EX

TA Instruments Ares Rheometer

All instruments have been fully evaluated and certified by our knowledgeable staff.

RT Instruments has over 800 thermal and rheology instruments on-hand.

If you do not see what you are looking for on the list, or require more information please contact us at:

RT Instruments Inc.

530-666-6700 or [email protected]

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Sample Testing Services

Are your laboratory capabilities over capacity?

Do you need added throughput for sample testing?

RT Instruments, Inc. is here to help quick and efficient turn-around!

RT Instruments, Inc. has commissioned several Thermal, Rheology, FTIR, GC/MS, UV/VIS, HPLC, Karl Fisher, Ion Chromatography, Accelerated Rate Calorimeter, Laser Defractive Particle Size instruments to help you catch up or just get ahead.

Whether it be QA, Research Discovery, etc., we can help!

Contact RT Instruments, Inc. for details

Project or batch pricing also available

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