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RuboLab MSBs and TGAs play a critical role in advancing scientific research and technological innovation. MSBs, in particular, are instrumental in precise measurements of mass, enabling researchers to explore the fundamental properties of materials with unprecedented accuracy. By utilizing the principle of magnetic suspension, MSBs provide a robust and reliable platform for weight measurements in various environments, including: vacuum, extreme temperatures and pressures, and severe/corrosive chemistries.

RuboSORP Magnetic Suspension Balance

Measurement Principle

Magnetic Suspension Balance technology allows for high resolution mass determination under high pressure and high temperature conditions by utilizing resistant measurement cells. An industrial micro­balance is located outside of the cell. Thanks to contactless magnetic suspension coupling, mass changes within the pressurized measurement cell can be determined.

Key Highlights

  • Measurement under extreme conditions:

    • pressure range up to 700 bar
    • max temp of 400C
    • resistant to aggressive and toxic atmospheres

  • Simultaneous measurement of two samples
  • Viewing Cells
  • Integrated Calculation of Measurement Uncertainty
  • Realistic material measu­rement via forced flows through sample containers
  • Most advanced Magnetic Suspension Balance technolo­gy on the market

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Many processes take place at particularly high temperatures, for example in the case of pyrolysis or
catalysis, and biomass gasification. In this context, the highly accurate weighing of material samples
under such measurement conditions is of great scientific interest. Against this background, Rubolab
offers a highly accurate measuring instrument for performing long-term stable thermogravimetric
analyses (TGA), based on the unique technology of a Magnetic Suspension Balance.

Key Features

  • up to 6MPa
  • up to 1600C
  • excellent long-term stability
  • use of RuboSORP magnetic suspension balance technology
  • 10ug/1ug resolution

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