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Hitachi High Tech Sciences NEXTA DSC

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Type : NEXTA DSC 600

Features :

  • The most rugged and high performance, very sensitive DSC with triple high conductive Ni alloy constantan sensor for long time performance.
  • Temperature range: -150C to 725C
  • NEW cooling features: connect both Electronic cooling and LN2 systems simultaneously and switch between systems using software control, saving time and boosting efficiency
  • High temp accuracy (+/- 0.05C) and precision (+/- 0.01C) for high confidence in the results
  • Highest enthalpy accuracy +/- 0.2% and enthalpy precision +/- 0.05% for highest confidence in the results
  • Built in advanced software like MTDSC, Kinetics, Purity, Simulation, Wave form, Specific Heat, to enhance the capability of measurements to maximum extent for all advanced research applications
  • Software can be operated with touch screen or PC tab. It also allows user to see the status of run on remote PC unit and data file can be via email after run completion

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