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NEW Scinco 3100 Photodiode Array Spectrophotometer

1. Dual Lamp Source
The “See-through” optical design of the Deuterium and Tungsten dual lamp system ensures high-intensity light over the whole UV and Visible wavelength range, resulting in high sensitivity data with minimal baseline noise.
The use of the “See-through” optical design provides increased reliability, durability and also a perfect, seamless transition from the UV to visible ranges. Photometric accuracy is thus assured, giving you maximum confidence in your results. In addition, the life time of the lamps is increased using the on/off switch in the software which enables a lamp to be turned off when not in use.

2. Photodiode Array Detector
Using the photodiode Array(PDA) detector data can be simultaneously acquired over the full wavelength range, 190~1100 nm in as little as 0.02 sec. A high Signal to Noise ratio is achieved using the integration function. With the combination of optimized optical structure and PDA, excellent wavelength reproducibility and resolution are assured.

3 Interface
The S-3100 is designed to allow a higher stability and through USB interface between spectrophotometer and PC in order that the rapid communications enable maximum data to be acquired.
Thus, the S-3100 can be effectively used in applications such as Kinetics, Enzyme Activity, Protein Research and DNA analysis, etc.

4. Various Accessories
Various accessories for the S-3100 covers a wide range of applications and the open sample compartment is designed to facilitate the installation and replacement of accessories

New Scinco 4100 Photodiode Array Spectrophotometer

1.Self Diagnostics
The Self Diagnostics function of the S-4100 PDA UV-Vis Spectrophotometer is important to ensure the optimum running status of the system. This enables slight malfunctions to be detected prior to a problem arising so that the system can be continuously operated in first-class condition. It checks the status of S-4100 whenever turned on or needed.

2.Automatic Accessory Recognition
All the accessories for the S-4100 PDA UV-Vis Spectrophotometer have an Accessory Slot which allows the LabPro® Plus software to automatically detect, identify and configure the instrument for the specific accessory. Through the Automatic Accessory Recognition function, the experimental conditions & parameters such as Integration No, Scan No, Transmittance/Reflectance mode are set automatically and Cell Position of Multi-Cell Holder & Automatic Referencing Stage(ARS) is automatically aligned.

3.Detachable Sample Compartment
The open sample compartment is one of the merits of PDA instruments. Even so, some of our customers are insisting on having a sample compartment cover. Therefore, we will provide a cover that can be detached or attached according to the customer’s preference.

4.Automatic communication port detection
S-4100 comes with both USB and Serial communication. The instrument will automatically detect which port is in use.

5.Free voltage
You can use the instrument with any power source ranging from 85V to 265V without any adjustment to the hardware.

6.Higher Intensity in UV range
Due to the enhanced spectrograph design, we have increased the intensity in UV range. As a result, we can perform experiments in the UV range with as little as 5 µl of sample