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Laboratory Testing:

RT Instruments has full service Thermal and Rheology Testing capabilities:

Test Methods by : TMA, DSC, TGA, DTA, DMA, DEA, PDSC, Capillary Rheometer, CS/CR Rheometer

Call for specific test methods and pricing.

Instrument Services:

Platinum Full Service Agreement:

A premium support plan designed to provide you with the highest level of response time along with the most comprehensive protection available in the industry.

Comprehensive protection which includes all parts, labor and travel to your facility for a period of one contract year. Furnaces, sensors, balance beams, air bearings, transducers, and motors are limited to one set per unit per contract year.
Revisions and updated for one contract year.
One preventative maintenance visit per contract year to include full systems check, diagnostics, calibration and systems certification.
Loaner equipment supplied on an as available basis.

Standard Service Agreement:

Standard service support package designed to provide you with the necessary coverage of your instrument needs.

Comprehensive protection for a period of one contract year which includes labor and travel to your facility.
One preventative maintenance visit including calibration and system certification.
Loaner equipment will be supplied on an as available basis in case of instrument failure where instrument cannot be repaired in a reasonable amount of time.

General Preventative Maintenance:

One preventative maintenance service visit to include travel, labor, total systems check, alignment, lubrication, measuring/verifying all reference voltages in the electronics and power supply systems, and provide routine maintenance, including running of a standard reference material.


One-time basic calibration of instrument. Includes system certification.


Fast and friendly basic service or repair call to fix instrument problems. Includes hourly labor to perform service requested, parts if needed, and additional shipping when required.


Product analyzation to diagnose and determine instrument malfunction. Includes Engineer`s recommendations to control or eliminate problem.


Hardware upgrades for instruments are designed to improve productivity, reliability, and to get older systems operating to year 2000 compliance. Includes replacement of computer control system with upgraded hardware, new interface, and component installation.

Specialized Support

RTI can and will assist with the development of specialized procedures such as IQOQ Procedures, GMP Practices, SOP`s, etc.


System training is available for all products sold and should be scheduled with the Engineering Support Team.


Extensive on-hand product line of new and refurbished laboratory instruments is available to satisfy all laboratory environments.


Extensive on-hand inventory at competitively low prices. Inventory includes many manufacturer`s “hard to get” discontinued items.