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Hitachi High-Tech Sciences DSC7000X

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New!!!! Technology on DSC7000X


DSC Sensitivity: 0.1µW
Re-engineered new sensor achieves tripled sensor performance by the multiple thermocouples. Uniform and stableheat flow from heat sink to sample and reference is achieved by Center Heat-flow method. These new sensor designs enable DSC sensitivity of 0.1µW.


Baseline repeatability:
±5µW Structure of the new furnace is optimized by the new simulation technique. Superior baseline stability and repeatability are achieved by suppressing the baseline fluctuation due to the three layer metal insulation of the low heat capacity.
Improved Cooling Control Performance
Dramatically improved cooling following capability enables the accurate temperature control down to the low temperature. Auto LN2 Gas Cooling Unit and Electric Cooling Unit can be exchanged by users easily.


DSC7000X Specifications
Heat Flow Measurement Method Heat Flux Type
Temperature Range -150 to 725°C
DSC Measurement Range +/- 100mW
RMS Noise/Sensitivity 0.05uW/0.1uW
Scanning Rate 0.01 to 100°C
Atmosphere Air, Inert Gas
Sample Pans Open Pans (Al, Pt, Alumina)

Low-Pressure Sealed Pans (Al)

High-Pressure Sealed Pans (Al, Ag, Steel, Au plated steel)

AS-3DX Autosampler Max. 50 samples; Mechanical arm transport