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Hitachi High-Tech Sciences TMA7100 Thermo Mechanical Analyzer

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Name : Thermo Mechanical Analyzer

Type : TMA7100 Thermo Mechanical Analyzer

Overview : This analyzer was designed for simple yet highly sensitive measurements of the thermal mechanical properties of polymers and other materials. Thermal stress/strain properties can also be measured as a function of temperature or time, thermal expansion, heat shrink, or softening.

Features :

  • High sensitivity of 0.01µm
  • Optional Auto LN2 Gass Cooling Unit (for TMA7100) to improve cooling efficieny
  • Optional Mass Flow Controller unit
  • Built-in option control function for smaller space


Model TMA7100
Measurement Method Full Expansion Method
Probe Support Method Cantilever
Sample Size Expansion: Ø10mm X L25mm

Tension: w5 X t1 X L25mm

SS Mode: w5 X t1 X L25mm

Temperature Range -150-600°C
Heating Rates 0.01 to 100°C/min.
TMA Measurement Range +/-5mm
TMA Sensitivity 0.01µm
Load Range +/-5.8N (The maximum load range differs by the probe used).