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Hitachi High-Tech Sciences DSC7020 Differential Scanning Calorimeter

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Name : 
Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Type : DSC7020

Overview : Newly developed DSC with high performances to satisfy variety measurements, which are difficult to be fulfilled with traditional DSC. Sensitivity and dynamic range are specially improved. DSC7020 is the best DSC for not only high sensitivity measurements, but for routine measurements such as quality control measurement also.

Features :

1. Realized 0.2µW sensitivity with Digital optimize technologies. It is possible to measure glass transition temperature with 10µg sample only.

2. Newly designed cooling systems including Auto-LN2 cooling system and Electronic Cooling system are available. The cooling performances of both systems are improved.

3. Auto-sampler and Mass flow options improve high effective measurements.

AS-3D Auto-sampler
Temperature Range
-150 ~ 725°C
Measurement Range
Program Speed
0.01 ~100°C/min
Sample Set Number