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Automatic Relaxation and Creep Tester

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Automatic Relaxation and Creep Tester, EB 32

Elastocon offers two models for high precision automatic relaxation and creep tests, EB 18 II 3 and EB 32. Both models perform tests according to ISO 188 method A, ISO 3384-1 method A, and method B for EB 32, ISO 6914 method A and ISO 899 with modified test specimen (no strain gauge required).

In EB 18II3, each test station can run with an individual temperature, between +40 °C to +200 °C. The EB 32 is equipped with a liquid circulator (EB 32.01) for cooling, and can cycle between -40 °C and +200 °C, with the same temperature in all test stations, thus also performing tests according to ISO 33841 method B and ISO 33842.

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