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Thermowave Analyzer TA

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  • Measure absolute values of thermal diffusivity
  • Anisotropic measurement: In-plane and out of plane directions
  • Dynamic range: Organic films to Diamonds
  • Contact with sample: Contactless measurement
  • Sample shape: Free (disk shape is preferred)
  • Thermal conductivity could be derived from the thermal diffusivity


TA35 TA33 TA32 TA31
Thermophysical Property Value Thermal Diffusivity (Absolute)
Measurement range 0.1 ∼ 1000[×10-6m2s-1]
Output data Frequency, Distance, Amplitude, Phase, Thickness
Orientation IN-PLANE
Accessories Sample stage heater Option Option
Focus adjustment Auto Auto Manual Manual
Measurement environment Temperature Room Temperature
Temperature(Heater installed) RT ∼ 300[℃]
Frequency 0.01[Hz] ∼ 100[kHz]
Heating laser(Semiconductor laser) wavelength 808[nm]
Maximum output 1.5[W]
Radiation thermometer Element InSb
Cooling method Liquid nitrogen
Stage displacement(XY axis) Detection stage ±5[mm] ±5[mm] ±5[mm]
Sample stage ±10[mm]
Repeatability ±5[%]
Power supply AC100-240[V], 10-5[A], 50/60[Hz]
Laser safety standards CLASS Ⅰ LASER PRODUCT
IEC/EN 60825-1:2007


Sample Solid
Shape Any shapes
Surface Sample substrates should be flat and smooth for best results.
Coating Blacken with graphite spray. For graphite or similar meterial coating is not necessary.
Sample Size MAX: 100 × 100 × 2 [mm]
MIN: 10 × 10 × 0.015 [mm]
Reference sample Unnecessary