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Eclipse Analytical and Precision Balances

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  • The illuminated capacitive touch keypad provides responsive operation, and its durable, smooth surface can be easily wiped down
  • Vivid, backlit LCD easily visible in any lighting conditions
  • Capacity tracker built into display for easily monitoring possible overloads
  • USB and RS-232 interfaces provide speedy communication with computers and printers
  • Printouts include date and time for data tracking within Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) guidelines
  • Robust metal housing protects internal components in harsh environments
  • Large, grade 304 stainless steel pan allows swift cleaning
  • Level indicator and adjusting feet ensure proper balance setup for optimum weighing results
  • Removable draft shield on models with 0.001g readability helps to reduce errors caused by air currents

General Specifications

  • Weighing units: g, mg, ct, GN, dr, oz, ozt, dwt, mm, tl.T, tl.H, tl.S, ti, T, and custom unit
  • Interface: RS-232 / USB
  • Power Supply: 18VDC 800mA adapter
  • Display: Backlit LCD with capacity tracker with 24mm-high digits
  • Calibration: External or internal calibration
  • Housing: Extruded aluminum base
  • Operating Temperature: 15° to 35°C / 59° to 95°F


  • Weighing
  • Parts counting
  • Percentage weighing
  • Checkweighing
  • Checkcounting
  • Dynamic / animal weighing
  • Accumulation
  • Density determination