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EXSTAR6000 DMS Dynamic Mechanical Spectrometer


This instrument applies various deformations, such as bending, tension, compression and shear, to a solid sample, and then the tand, and elasticity of the sample is calculated using the deformation amount and the response delay. Local relaxation of polymer samples, which generally cannot be measured using thermal analysis, can now be determined with high sensitivity.


• The DMS instrument covers a wide range of measurements from static visco-elasticity measurements such as stress relaxation and creep to dynamic visco-elasticity all on one instrument.
Measurements are performed on one instrument for all deformation modes such as dual cantilever bending, single cantilever bending, 3-point bending,
tension, compression, shear, and film shear.
• For dynamic measurements, a new synthetic oscillation mode has been added to the existing high precision sine wave oscillation mode. The synthetic oscillation mode can measure multiple frequencies at an extremely fast cycle, which allows the instrument to measure extremely rapid elastic modulus transformation samples.
• Measurements from -150°C are fully automatic using the auto gas cooling unit.