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EXSTAR6000 TMA/SS Thermal Stress Strain Measurement Instrument


This is a multi-purpose thermo-physical measurement device that measures expansion coefficient, glass transition, softening, swelling, creep, stress-strain characteristics, stress relaxation, dynamic visco-elasticity, high capacity TG and others. The application has been further expanded by controlling the load and displacement placed on the sample. Three models to choose from. New EXTAR TMA/SS 6100 low temperature design -150C to 600C, NEW EXTAR TMA/SS 6200 standard temperature design ambient to 1100C, and the NEW EXTAR TMA/SS 6300 high temperature design up to 1500C.


• In addition to the measurement range of ±5000µm in displacement, ±600g in loading, and 10? X 25mm in maximum sample dimensions, the exchanging the furnace and utilizing accessories give the TMA/SS the ability to perform a wide variety of measurement modes at a temperature range of -150 to 1500°C.
• By simply setting the sample in the sample tube, the length of the sample is automatically measured eliminating the need for micrometer operations.
• Standard equipped with the automatic protect function, which automatically stops the measurement to prevent adhesion of a sample on the probe in the case deformation value exceeds the set value.