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EXSTAR6000 DSC Differential Scanning Calorimeter


The DSC offers a representative measurement technique of thermal analysis to perform fusion, glass transition, thermal history, crystallization, Curie point, oxidation stability and thermal change. The DSC can also be used to cover such needs as specific heat capacity and purity measurements. Three models to choose from with many accessories to add. EXTAR DSC 6220 high sensitivity with autosampler capability, EXTAR DSC 6300S high temperature up 1500C capable, and the EXTAR DSC 6100S ultra high sensitivity for samples requiring higher degree of sensitivity.


• Simple measurement unit exchange can be performed by the user giving freedom to the user to perform a host of measurement applications by utilizing a variety of measurement units (super high sensitivity, high sensitivity, and high temperature models).
• In order to cover a particular measurement, users can now select and exchange cooling units such as liquid nitrogen, electrically cooled, and air cooled units.
• The Auto Sampler connects easily to the DSC6200 High Sensitivity System. The system is then ready to perform container transport without spillage using the ingenuity of mechanical fingers.