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EV+Accelerating Rate Calorimeter

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EV+Accelerating Rate Calorimeter

Standard Features of the EV+ calorimeter are:-

  • Integrated cables for current and voltage measurement
  • Video camera (with light)
  • Gas collection line (leading to gas collection bag)
  • Ability for battery pressure and temperature measurement
  • Ability for purging, evaluation, inerting

Hardware Features & Performance

EV+ Calorimeter

40cm diameter, 44cm depth
Side 6mm thick aluminium, Lid & Base 12mm thick aluminium, 8 heaters, 6 measuring, control and safety thermocouples
Thermocouple Resolution 0.001°C, Precision <0.2%, Accuracy 0.7%
Sealed lid designed for integral gas collection; safety release near 1 bar overpressure
Sealed lid pressure limit to 1 bar over pressure
Integrated high-current connectors (300A)
Integrated video monitor
Integrated inert gas purging facility
Pre-installed facilities for options

Temperature range
Ambient to 300°C temperature range
(-40°C with liquid nitrogen flow option LNF)

Sensitivity (applicable to new calorimeters only)
Potential to achieve 0.02°C/min to 200°C

Pressure Range 0-14 bar (or specify higher range with alternative transducer)
Resolution 0.005bar, Precision 0.02%, Accuracy 0.05%

Control Modes
Adiabatic; Ramping, Isothermal modes, True Isothermal, Isoperibolic, Step Isothermal

1.93 cubic meter containment vessel (Blast Box);
3mm reinforced Steel, Proximity Switch, Door interlock;
Automated Fume Extraction facility

Sample Holders
Special open or closed holders for any battery type