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Accelerating Rate Calorimeter

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Accelerating Rate Calorimeter

  • Excellent Adiabatic Control
  • Versatile Isothermal Modes
  • Universal Sample Type
  • Ultimate Sensitivity
  • Wider Temp Range
  • Simplified Data Analysis



Temperature Range 0-600°C (-40°C to 500°C with CSU Operation)
Control Modes Adiabatic, quasi Isothermal, true Isothermal, isoperibolic, ramping
Tracking Rate 0-20°C/min
Sensitivity 0.002°C/min to 200°C; 0.005°C/min to 400°C; 0.010°C/min to 500°C
Pressure Range Vacuum to 200 bar (to 2000 bar with alternative transducers)
Pressure Resolution 0.005 bar; precision 0.02%; accuracy 0.05%
Operation In air, vacuum, inert gas, reactive gas, flowing gas
Sample Holders ARC bombs: Titanium, steel, hastelloy, glass, aluminum and variants
Software Graphical and tabulation of raw data including Phi corrected TMR plots; Data conversion to Enthalpy, Power, Gas Generation, Temperature of no return; Kinetic Modeling for thermodynamic and kinetic data analysis; Analysis of 9 data sets, 3 analyses on each, 3 merge data sets